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Advice from Tree Surgeons in Redhill

Landscaping your Redhill garden can be a hassle-free experience when using professional tree surgeons like us to help you. Home and business owners alike can rely on our fully qualified team to offer advice and carry out a wide range of tree surgery services. These include pruning and hedge cutting to keep gardens looking pristine, as well as stump grinding to prevent obstacles from hindering your progress. Our specialists also assess the health and condition of your plants, which may require tree removals before work can commence.

Planning Advice

  • Following an initial quote, our tree surgeons arrange to visit your Redhill property to fully examine gardens requiring hedge cutting, tree removals or stump grinding
  • Tree reports, like Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), will be carried out to ensure garden landscaping projects don’t affect protected species
  • Inspections also determine if there are any signs of decay, such as rot or pests, which requires an immediate tree removal or stump grinding procedure
  • Trees and plants will be checked for wildlife habitats prior to pruning or hedge cutting treatments
  • Tree surgery experts advise how techniques, such as crown reduction, thinning and lifting can improve the aesthetic of your Redhill garden
  • Regular maintenance, like pruning and hedge cutting, is strongly suggested by our tree surgeons to keep outdoor spaces looking perfect

Garden Landscaping Inspirations

1. Areas to Lounge and Retreat

Tree pruning and hedge cutting complement outdoor lounging areas, especially during the summer. Redhill residents can enjoy spaces to retreat and relax, with a variety of trees, plants and hedges used to maintain privacy from the neighbours or passers-by.


2. Enhancing Entrances

Commercial venues in Redhill benefit from decorative hedge cutting by our skilled trees surgeons, making entrances appear more inviting to their guests. Crown thinning and lifting keeps trees looking healthy, which can also be used to cover up less attractive building exteriors. Our stump grinding experts remove unwanted remnants from tree removals, which cause uneven surfaces that may be a tripping hazard.


3. Complementing Driveways

It is important to keep driveways which are lined with trees safe, which can be monitored by tree surgery inspections. Tree removal specialists take away any weak or decaying limbs, as well as reducing the weight of the branches with annual crown reductions. Our tree surgeons also offer hedge cutting and shaping, which are trimmed to a safe height.


The team at Arboright ensure sweeping driveways leave a great impression on visitors, which promotes recurring business for hotels and spas.


4. Boosting Morale in the Workplace

Like lounge areas at homes in Redhill, commercial venues can take advantage of an outdoor space by transforming it into a garden for their workforce. Here employees can socialise with other departments. Trees and hedges can be incorporated with fencing and trellises to create areas for break out and brainstorming sessions.


Our tree surgery team can handle tree removal and stump grinding duties in small, dilapidated gardens, which will provide maximum space for clients to escape the office in comfort!

To discuss your garden landscaping ideas with our tree surgery specialists in the Redhill area, call 01737 309 066 or 07909 292 629.

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