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Benefits of Professional Tree Surgery in Reigate

If you’re planning to enhance your Reigate garden, our tree surgery specialists are here to help! No matter what size the job may be, we manage all types of ground maintenance, from seasonal hedge cutting to complete tree removals and stump grinding. The tree surgeons at Arboright carry out high-quality services so domestic and commercial clients can benefit from the aesthetic and practical results.

Top 4 Tree Surgery Advantages

1. Social Benefits

Preserving the health of trees with tree surgery techniques like crown thinning, reducing and lifting provides Reigate clients with an attractive outdoor space to welcome visitors. Hedge cutting and pruning also retains privacy for home and business owners with shaped foliage around their property boundaries. Unappealing views are blocked from sight and noise pollution is reduced.


Our tree surgeons help to maintain a serene place for clients to retreat, which is ideal for external office break-out spaces. Tree removals and stump grinding are required to make room for developing sociable areas, especially old and decayed trees which are hazardous to the rest of the garden.


2. Environmental Advantages

Tree surgery services enhance Reigate gardens without taking away the benefits they offer to the environment. If densely grown trees are blocking out the light at your Reigate property, our tree surgeons trim the foliage, improving the biomechanics of the branches too. Shelter is still available against wind, rain and snow, as well as shade in hotter climates.


We carry out pruning and hedge cutting to ensure plants grow with plenty of exposure to the sunlight for photosynthesis. Overgrown gardens can cause plants and trees to die, which also applies to overcrowding. Tree removal and felling are necessary to allow younger species to breathe. Health checks are included in our tree surgery services, which identifies any weak or decaying plants.


Healthy gardens also create ecosystems, which benefits the local Reigate wildlife. This is perfect for parks and commercial venues with expansive grounds, such as hotels and resorts, for guests to enjoy.


3. Economic Value

Tree surgery experts assist homeowners with garden landscaping work that can increase the resale value of their Reigate property by up to 20%. Trees and plants appeal to prospective buyers, depending on the condition. This varies from undertaking tree removals to get rid of deteriorating trees, to stump grinding for re-turfing, decking and patio projects. Hedge cutting can also add an aesthetic wow factor as soon you enter the front garden.


Strategically planted trees are energy efficient too. Their wind resistance reduces indoor heating costs during the winter, while shading Reigate properties in the summer keeps them cooler.


4. Low Maintenance

Domestic and commercial clients in Reigate can rely on the tree surgery specialists at Arboright to manage ad-hoc or regular work maintenance. We offer highly-competitive prices for a wide-range of ground maintenance services, from hedge cutting and pruning work, to tree removals and stump grinding jobs.


Due to the Lantra and City & Guilds NPTC qualifications that our tree surgeons have been awarded with, we regularly inspect gardens to prevent injuries from fallen limbs and costly structural damage to your property.

To find out how our tree surgeons can improve the grounds at your Reigate or nearby Surrey property, call 01737 309 066 or 07909 292 629.

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